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Vendor Spotlight: CM Promotions

Pop the champagne you’re engaged!! We want our couples to be full of joy, surrounded by those they love, ready to meet their soulmate at the end of the aisle — complete with a champagne-in-hand kind of feeling. 

CM Promotions offers a variety of wedding packages for those in all stages of the planning process. Our Mission is to make your dream wedding flawless. An experience that lights up you and your guests with pure joy and love.

Weddings are stressful, let us help!

There are so many moving parts when planning a wedding and it is hard to overlook the small details. Many of our couples have not done this before and we strive to be a resource to make the day flawless. Weddings are one of the few times in your lives where you can get all of your friends and family in one room, they are there to celebrate you! Our team wants to handle all the rest so your mother, maid of honor, and everyone else can be fully immersed in the wedding day as well. Of course, they will help, they are your family, but they shouldn’t have to. Leave it to the professionals!

How to plan your perfect wedding timeline.

Give people practical, easy-to-implement advice. Get people results and they’ll remember you forever. 

This is the number one question we get on every consult call! (Did you know our consults calls are free) Below are three easy tips to get started on your wedding day timeline.

  1. Start with the sunset time on your wedding day. That is crucial in planning the timeline as golden hour photos are often the most sought out photos of the day. In December, the sunset is much earlier than in July so that plays a huge role.
  2. Leave time for getting ready/pre-ceremony photos. We often suggest at least two to three hours prior to the ceremony so you can get some fun candids before everyone has to get dressed. If you are adding in any first looks or touches we recommend those in different spots throughout the venue. (Lucky Spur has SO many great photo spots!)
  3. Decide if you are having a formal exit and if so, schedule the photographer hours backwards from that timeframe. Example: If you plan to exit at 11pm and you have your photographer booked for eight hours, they would arrive at 3pm. 

Bonus Tip: Have all your details ready for your photographer upon arrival. (Save the Date, Invites, Earrings, Rings, Veil, Perfume) anything special you want to add, this is a great way to have everything as a memory too!

It is our team goal to hear no less than 4 times at each wedding that our team is ‘going above and beyond’ or ‘this day couldn’t have happened without you’. As a planner we aren’t actually delivering anything to you, as the couple. We don’t have cake for your taste or stunning pictures to share, we are providing a feeling of peace, love and joy on the wedding day. We can’t wait to connect with you and help you down the aisle. 

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