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Vendor Spotlight: A Time To Shine Floral Design

Custom Wedding and Event Floral Design Ninja

“What started out as a 16-year-old taking a summer job quickly became one of my life’s great passions. I love ALL things flowers. It makes my heart truly smile to share in my clients’ special moments and to help make those milestones memorable. I create fully custom floral designs uniquely within your preferences and budget.”
Kelly McCarter Owner and Lead Floral Designer

Think Outside The Vase

I live and breathe floral design and pride myself on thinking outside the box, pushing myself to learn new techniques, and researching all the new trends to stay on the cutting edge of my craft. I’m a wife and a mom and everyone is a friend whether we just met or have known each other for years. I do my best to live authentically and be genuine and open with everyone. I love and cheer on all my brides and clients before, during, and after their event – they are part of the ATTSFD fam after all!

I Want To Know You

Who you are shapes my decisions and drives my design as I create your customized-to-you options. My goal is to take your words and truly bring about botanical artistry unique as you. So, the more information and honesty you can give me regarding your likes, dislikes, and what you love and don’t, the better. I welcome my brides to be as involved as they would like, but can also take the lead and make your vision shine.

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