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Vendor Spotlight: Barnett Sweets & Co.

Women-owned and run, Barnett Sweets & Co. is a small business with a heart for connection and perfection when it comes to their customers and baked goods. Making cakes for 30+ years, Jana Osborn started Barnett Sweets & Co. with her daughter in 2020 after realizing how much of an impact their cakes had in the wedding business.  

Through the trials and tribulations, staying sweeter than ever

As a small business, we have had our troubles, individually and as a whole. After covid hit, we struggled to stay afloat at our old small shop in Krum, we moved back to our offices a little outside of downtown Krum to restart our dream of having a place where people felt as sweet as what they were ordering. We are growing more than ever and are excited to grow our family more than ever as we move forward. 

Keeping current with the cake trends 

One of the biggest cake trends is the semi-naked look, pretty minimalist, and buttercream ridges look! Jana says it’s always fun to design something no one has seen on the market yet, something that hasn’t been trending on Pinterest, it’s always exciting to see what new designs people bring in! She also says that grooms are getting into designing their own cakes. Groom’s cakes are the groom’s personal cake, separate from the big wedding cake, they are representative of the groom’s likes and personality and are also on the rise and very popular right now! 

Making you feel as special and sweet as our treats

Here at Barnett Sweets & Co., sweets mean more than a transaction. Our promise is that you will always feel welcomed, heard, understood, and loved as if you were a part of our big happy family here at Barnett Sweets because when you order from us you become a part of our own! We believe there’s a story worth telling behind every cupcake we frost and it’s our job to make every person who orders from us feel as sweet and one-of-a-kind as we think our desserts are.  

Connect with Barnett Sweets & Co. 

Instagram – @barnettsweetsco

Facebook – www.facebook.com/barnettsweetsco 

Email – janao@barnettsweetsco.co

Phone – 940-600-9889

Website – www.barnettsweetsco.com  

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