Lucky Spur 2022 Wedding Trends Recap

The year is coming to an end and the Lucky Spur Ranch has a lot to reflect and look back on. First and foremost, we feel so thankful and lucky to all our Lucky Spur couples who trusted us with the most important day of their lives. 

Below, we reminisce on some of our favorite wedding trends of 2022.

Full Wedding Weekends 

Full wedding weekends were a huge hit this year and we believe this trend will continue into the new year. The Lucky Spur Ranch allows you to celebrate with your family and friends the entire weekend with our exclusive weekend package. Check-In: Friday at 12pm and check-Out: Monday at 10am. This package iIncludes a customized brunch with mimosa & Bloody Mary bar and skeet shooting for up to 25 guests on Saturday and Sunday. 

“The weekends are the absolute best. Getting to spend quality time with family and creating an experience for their guests is what our couples love most about us.” – Sharie, Lucky Spur Ranch Sales Manager


Groom’s Cakes 

As you may have read in our Vendor Spotlight Blog featuring Barnett Sweets & Co. groom’s cakes have been a big hit in 2022. “Groom’s cakes are the groom’s personal cake, separate from the big wedding cake, they are representative of the groom’s likes and personality and are also on the rise and very popular right now!” 


Sparkler Exits

Sparkler exits have really lit up this year! Sparklers add a magical touch to your send off and they also make for some epic photo opportunities. We have a feeling this trend will shine on into the new year. 


Bounce Houses

Nothing makes you feel like a little kid again than jumping around in a bounce house! These are fun for both the little ones and the adults (after some drinks of course). 


Cafe Lighting & Neon Signs

We love how rustic and whimsical cafe lights look. They give off such a magical, warm feeling. The ranch offers many lighting opportunities as you can see in the photos. We never want this lighting trend to end! Neon signs are also so popular this year. They make a great backdrop for a sweetheart table or photo-booth. 


Little White Dresses

Who doesn’t love a good outfit change!? Little white reception dresses were all the craze this year. Brides love to change into something a little more comfortable and dancing friendly towards the end of the night. 


“I love that every event is so unique. From colors to decor to even “traditions.” Couples today really want to focus on their unique personalities and spending quality family time together.” – Sharie, Lucky Spur Ranch Sales Manager  

Trends may come and go but we promise you, the ranch will never go out of style! We offer a rustic charm that can be transformed into the wedding day of your dreams. Schedule a tour to see for yourself: 

Photo credit:
Groom’s Cake Photo: Barnett Sweets Co.
Sparkler Exit Photo: Estes Weddings
Bounce House Photo: Taylor Burchette
Cafe Lighting Photo: April Pinto

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