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How to Choose a Date

“When are you getting married??”

Do you hear this question A LOT since getting engaged??

Picking your perfect wedding date is one of the first steps after saying, “YES.”

We have put together a few helpful tips to choose your perfect date. 

Establish a budget

Lucky Spur offers several packages to fit your budget. From our popular Exclusive Weekend Package to our weekday packages there are many options to fit your budget. Remember that your venue will be the biggest expense in your budget. Choosing an “off season” date or a “non Saturday” date is the easiest way to save on your budget. Yes, we host weddings on Fridays, Sundays and weekdays all year long.

Establish a guest count

Choosing a venue that will comfortably hold your guest count is very important. Be sure to keep in mind your dance floor space as well. Our reception hall  accommodates up to 400 guests but also host smaller events with under 100 guests.  Remember that guest count affects your entire budget. 

Look at the calendar

What dates will absolutely not work?

  • Consider work schedules, school schedules, holidays, travel etc.

What season do you like the best? 

  • Do you love the Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter?
  • Do you like cooler weather or warmer weather?
  • Remember the time of year determines the time of the sunset which determines the time of an outdoor ceremony. The fall will call for earlier outdoor ceremonies while the summer will allow for later ceremony times. 
  • Our peak season is March-June & September-December.
  • Our non peak season is January-February & July-August and we offer discounts.
  • **Remember October & May are our most popular months**
  • Of courseTexas weather is unpredictable! There is no way to 100% predict the weather. Thankfully we are always prepared with multiple backup options. 

Get organized

This is so important! Being organized will make the planning process easier. Think about how much time you will need to plan your wedding. Remember the longer your engagement the more time you have to make payments. Most of our couples book their date about a year in advance but we are always booking available dates. Also, we highly suggest a wedding email address. This is an easy way for you and your partner to keep up with all things wedding!

Schedule a tour

Tours are so important and a lot of fun! This is the best way to experience everything we offer our couples. We encourage you to bring your partner as well as family and friends. On your tour you are able to view our calendar for available dates and go over all questions. We love giving tours and watching couples fall in love with our property. The beauty and amenities we provide can’t be beat. We always hear “Pictures do not do The Ranch justice!”

Last but not least Secure your date

Once you have chosen your perfect date the next step is to secure it! Our reservations are first come, first serve. To officially “book” your date all you need is an initial payment plus a signed contract. It’s such an easy process many of our couples book on site. 

Now that you are officially booked let’s start planning your dream wedding!! 


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