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Floor Plans

Let’s talk about floor plans!!


Are you ready to create the floor plan for your wedding?? This can seem like an overwhelming task but do not be afraid! We have partnered with All Seated to make the planning process easier. 

All Seated in a great tool to design your floor plan. You can access their website at . Once you create an account you will be able to access the layout of our reception hall, “Lucky Spur Ranch”  and start creating your floor plan. 

Check out this short tutorial video below: Click the link and scroll down to “Floor Plan Tutorials”

Below is a list of the tables included in your package:

  • 40- 60 in round tables
  • 4- 6ft rectangular tables
  • 4- 8ft rectangular tables
  • 4- 10ft Farm Tables
  • 4-33 in round Cocktail Tables 


As we approach your Wedding date we will request a floor plan. Our staff will use the floor plan to set the tables for your event. Once your floor plan is complete there is an option to send it directly to Lucky Spur.  Just send it over, we will print it and you will be ready to go!!  Keep in mind there is not a “right” or “wrong way” to set up your event. Each event is unique!

Check out the examples below from our past events. Remember your planner is an expert at this. They are a huge asset to utilize when deciding the best flow for the evening.  They will be able to ask the important questions and create the perfect floor plan just for you. We are always available to answer any questions you may have. It’s now time to create your floor plan. Have fun!!






















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