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Day of Wedding Rehearsal 

Ready to start planning your rehearsal?


Lucky Spur offers a variety of packages. Several of our packages include the day before which enables you to conveniently host your rehearsal on site. However, if you choose a package that does not include an overnight stay the day before consider doing a day of rehearsal. This may sound  “non traditional” but our couples love it. Having your wedding rehearsal the morning of your wedding can be one of the most stress-relieving things you can do!

First-Everyone is in wedding mode! This means everyone is listening and paying attention to the instructions. Our packages include a 12 hour rental that allows ample time for a few quick run throughs on wedding day. If you’re worried about seeing your partner on the day of the wedding we suggest the Bride does not attend the rehearsal or just do two quick rehearsals. Your planner is a great asset to keep everyone focused.

Second-It saves time! Trying to gather everyone needed for a rehearsal to travel to the venue twice may be difficult. Time is valuable especially during wedding week. Enjoy the time together before your wedding then be ready to rehearse the next day. The morning rehearsal is very quick and easy. 

Third-Out of town guests! Sometimes you have out of town guests that may not be able to arrive early for a rehearsal. This gives these guests some extra time to get into town and get settled in. 

When you plan on hosting your wedding rehearsal the day of the wedding you are still able to celebrate the night before over dinner. Choose a unique place to hold your dinner, relax, and visit with your family and friends. Enjoy the evening and leave the wedding rehearsal to the morning when everyone is in full wedding mode. 

Some couples opt for a “rehearsal brunch” and choose to host a brunch after the day of rehearsal. Everyone loves brunch right?? Chef Julio can prepare a delicious brunch for you and your guests. Our staff will be able to take care of everything. Just relax and get ready for your best day ever!

There is not a “right” or “wrong” way to plan your Wedding!

This is YOUR day and we encourage you to make it as unique as you! 


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