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Cold Weather Weddings

Have you chosen to get married in the cooler months??

Lucky Spur is beautiful no matter the time of year!

Check out our list of cold weather wedding tips!


Keep in mind the temperature when shopping for your dress and your bridal party’s attire. Long sleeves, long dresses and leggings will help keep you and your bridal party warm. Fur coats/shaws and jean jackets are great accessories and make the best photos. This will keep everyone comfortable. 


Keep in mind the groom’s attire as well. Layers, thick socks and full suits are a great option.

Location. Lucky Spur offers several ceremony locations. While our outdoor ceremony location is stunning year round if you are concerned about the cool temperatures do not hesitate to utilize our covered pavilion or our reception hall. Check out photos of indoor or pavilion ceremonies. You will not be disappointed! Having your ceremony & reception indoors is a very popular option during this time of year. 

If you choose an indoor ceremony.

  • Our staff will take care of the flip. YES, you read that right! We are experts and will very quickly flip the room for the reception. 
  • The stage is a perfect ceremony location.
  • The pavilion or covered patio are both great options for a short cocktail hour.
  • You can choose a later ceremony start time.
  • Your guests will be comfortable no matter the outside conditions.

If you choose and outdoor ceremony.

  • Keep in mind the time of year and the time of the sunset. Usually during the cooler months the sun sets a little earlier. This means that your ceremony should start earlier.
  • Be on time! Start your ceremony on time to reduce the time guests are in the cooler weather.
  • Keep your ceremony short & sweet! Everyone will benefit from this.
  • Blankets!! Monogrammed blankets are so cute and a useful gift your guests will love! Include  hand warmers for a bonus.
  • Plan for an indoor cocktail hour! This is awesome and your guests will love you for it.
  • Let your guests hang out indoors before the ceremony. 



Be sure to let your guests know where the ceremony will be held. We want them to be comfortable no matter where they are.

Outdoor heaters!! We have a few available for a small fee. These are great to keep guests comfortable while outside. 

Consider taking some photos before the ceremony. This is a great option to speed up the photos during the cocktail hour. 

Offer your guests a fun WARM treat. Hot coco, coffee bars, smores etc. are fun and different. Guests always remember unique treats and it will keep them warm! 

Having options and being prepared is important.

We host events all year long!

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