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We proudly offer in house catering services with top of the line staff. Chef Julio and our team work together to create an amazing experience for you and your guests.

Julio grew up in a family of talented cooks just outside of Downtown Fort Worth, where he enjoyed making food from scratch from a young age. After cooking alongside his mother and father for many years, he put his skills to the test at his first restaurant job in the Fort Worth Stockyards. Julio’s career began at Riscky’s, where he learned to cook BBQ, experienced a fast paced kitchen environment, and made lifelong connections along the way. Here, customers would specifically ask for Julio to cook their meals, and he knew from that point on that his calling was to be a chef.

Julio’s culinary journey has consisted of a variety of roles and responsibilities within the restaurant industry. When Dakon, an old friend from Riscky’s, and his wife Amy opened their restaurant Lonesome Spur, Julio joined the kitchen team and began to showcase his home cooking talent. In 2010, Julio’s experience in restaurant management grew when he and his siblings opened Bello’s, a traditional Mexican restaurant, in honor of his father Javier Castillo. At Bello’s, Julio crafted his own menu showcasing the Latin spices and authentic dishes he grew up cooking with his dad. After his time at Bello’s, Julio expanded his expertise by joining the Hyatt Hotel family, where he learned banquet style catering. His experiences at Bello’s and Hyatt prepared him for the day he received another opportunity from Dakon and Amy; they were opening Lucky Spur Ranch catering and wanted Julio to lead the effort, giving him full reign to craft the delicious menu. Julio accepted this opportunity and brought with him the years of skills and experience he’d gained from owning his own restaurant.

To the Lucky Spur Ranch, Julio not only brings decades of culinary expertise but also a desire to best serve his customers and staff each and every day.

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